Meet our Social Media Intern, Amanda Giampaglia!

Our newest intern, Amanda Giampaglia, joined the OTL team in January 2022! She is currently responsible for managing the OTL social media accounts and posts, working directly alongside social media manager Jillian Schiralli. Amanda has been a lifetime lover of theater and the arts, and she’s a huge Disney fan. Right now, she’s a student at Ramapo College of New Jersey studying global communications and is on track to get her teacher certification. Follow her on Instagram!

We sat down with Amanda for a little Q&A about her time with Off The Lane so far:

What are a few things you’ve learned so far during your time with OTL?

Amanda: I have learned so much while interning at OTL so far! I have learned how to increase engagement with followers. I have also learned how to work with a professional team. I have experience in school working with teams but never in such a professional manner. Having people like Jillian, Kristal, Jenna and the whole OTL team has made me feel super comfortable with this transition into the professional world. 

What do you like most about Off The Lane?

Amanda: What I like most about OTL is what it stands for. Seeing a company that goal is to help peoples’ dreams come true is magical. Seeing what OTL has done for so many incredible performers and theatre people is inspiring and makes me so proud to work with a team like the OTL family! 

How is this internship helping you on your career path?

Amanda: This internship helped me on my career path by showing me what a job in the social media field would look like. I have gained so much knowledge and perspective about this job field and what my life could look like if I were to continue my path in this field.

Photo of Amanda working the Past and Future: Revue.

What our staff has to say about Amanda:

“Amanda is full of life. I was immediately drawn to her positive energy…. and love for Disney. and willingness to jump right in has been wonderful for OTL. It feels like she’s been here all along! ” – Kristal Mallookis (President)

“Working with Amanda has been a dream! Our weekly meetings are always so productive and Amanda is really getting the hang of finding her online voice. She has also been helping drive up engagement with Instagram questions and polls. She’s doing an amazing job and I’m loving getting to learn more about her every week!” – Jill Schiralli (VP & Social Media Manager).

“Amanda is someone you can always rely on and brainstorm with. It’s been so fun to work with her at OTL in addition to working with each other in our clubs at school! Kristal joked that we’re basically work wives, and she’s honestly right.” – Jenna Craig (Content Creator & Development Assistant)

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