BOOST (Building Occupational Objectives & Skills Together): Early Career Guidance

Off The Lane’s BOOST Program is designed for early career artists 18+ who have lived in NYC while pursuing the arts for at least one year. Think of us as career therapy! We implement tailored challenges in order to help BOOSTers progress towards their specific career objectives. Through one-on-one sessions, BOOST provides resources and advice along with periodic events that feature relevant experts to help provide insight to meet creative goals.

Our Applicants:

  • An Early Career Artist 18+
  • Have been living in NYC for at least one year
  • Actively pursuing a creative arts career
  • Looking to boost careers by developing concrete, attainable, and sustainable practices to reach creative goals

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Co-Chairs in Chairs

Our lovely BOOST Co-Chairs, Ayana Bey and Jillian Vitko, created a vlog-style video answering any and all BOOST questions you may have! Watch below to learn about the ins and outs of BOOST:

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BOOST is a free career guidance program for artists 18+ who have been living in NYC for at least 1 year and are in need of counsel to build their skill sets and apply them to their career. BOOST Advisors facilitate sessions with these artists to create a course of action through personal connection, creative analysis, and organized planning. Through drawing on their own experiences, BOOST Advisors cultivate the blueprint for each artist and create a space for deeper exploration. Background in Education, Career Guidance, and/or Mentorship preferred. Applicants must be actively pursuing a career in the Arts.

Our BOOST Advisors possess:

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • An ability to relate their own experiences to others in a helpful way
  • Comfortability talking about a wide range of topics
  • The ability to listen to understand, not just respond
  • Willingness to use personal network as a resource

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