Our outreach programs are specifically geared towards giving back to the arts community in a variety of ways. Through our most recently launched Mentorship Program, vetted professionals in the creative arts work with motivated juniors or seniors at the university level to help transition them from student to professional. Our program, though young, has already reached aspiring artists in 12 States across the country.


The idea behind our special projects stems from the love of the staff from our parent company, Mustard Lane. The company was started on the premise of supplying side gigs to artists as they pursued their passions in the creative arts. Through OTL’s special projects, we will continue to give back by providing additional support to individuals, schools and other non-profit organizations to help fulfill their need of creative and artistic guidance.

Continued Education.

Continued Education goes back to the heart of why this organization began. Our President, originally a dancer turned entrepreneur, knows first hand how versatile training, education and networking can play directly into the success of one’s career. Our Speaker Series provides free monthly workshops from industry professionals across a variety of mediums to help educate and elevate their understanding. Our BOOST program was created to help young artists build their skill sets and knowledge to attain their career goals.

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