An Experimental Workshop

Through a mixer-like setting, “ColLab” will help cultivate and connect NYC-based artists of various disciplines to create innovative pieces. Let’s connect, create and collaborate!

Created and developed by Off The Lane’s Community Coordinator, Sophie Brubaker, you are invited to connect with artists, share stories, practice, and conceptualize a potential collaborative project. These interdisciplinary artists will include, but are not limited to actors, singers, musicians of any and all genres, dancers, visual artists, and filmmakers.

We envision creating new works of performing and visual arts that are cross-genre, cross-discipline, and cross-cultural in a way that unifies the arts and gives new voices and partnerships a platform that they’ve never had before.

Questions? Contact our Community Coordinator, Sophie Brubaker!

UPCOMING ColLab Workshops:

ColLab Workshop #2

July 12 @6:30 PM | Meaux Space in NYC

This event is for creatives who are interested in finding collaborators for their artistic projects. Our focus is interdisciplinary, innovative new work! Artistic exploration and experimentation is deeply encouraged! And if you’re unsure if you’re right for this community and this event, the answer is that YOU ARE. We want you and all your beautiful ideas. See ya there! 

PAST ColLab Workshops:

ColLab Workshop #1 – June 2

We welcomed new and returning members of our community for our ColLab launch! Led by Community Coordinator Sophie Brubaker, attendees shared everything from current projects they’re working on to what TV shows they’re binging. It was an exciting evening that allowed people to make connections and utilize their community. Photos below!