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Off The Lane’s Outreach programs are specifically geared towards giving back to the arts community in a variety of ways. Through our most recently launched Mentorship Program, vetted professionals in the creative arts work with motivated juniors or seniors at the university level to help transition them from student to professional. Our program, though young, has already reached aspiring artists in 12 States across the country.

Mentorship Program

Let us help you make New York City home!

The Off The Lane Mentorship Program connects motivated juniors, college seniors and young professionals (18+) looking to move to NYC with working creative professionals to enrich, educate, and engage them to ease their transition into a new creative community. Over the course of the session, Mentees will meet with their Mentors once a week digitally. They will cover a wide variety of topics such as housing, transportation, and employment amongst others.

Our Mentors:

All Mentors are individuals who have lived in NYC for 2+ years. They have gone through an extensive interview and vetting process. Our Mentors possess excellent leadership qualities, are responsible, and are working professionals in the creative and artistic community of NYC. From national tours, dance companies, and Broadway, our Mentors are here to help you succeed!


MP5 Spring Session 12 Weeks: 3/1/21 – Applications Due By: 1/25/21

MP6 Fall Session 12 Weeks: 9/1/21- Applications Due By: 7/26/21

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Our Mentees:

The Mentees are motivated juniors, college seniors or young professionals 18+ who are planning to move to NYC and interested in a career in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. They are looking to successfully transition from student to working professional and are available for (1) 20-30 minute digital session per week with their Mentor.

Interested in becoming a Mentee? We’d love to connect with you!


MP5 Spring Session 12 Weeks: 3/1/21 – Applications Due By: 2/1/21

MP6 Fall Session 12 Weeks: 9/1/21- Applications Due By: 8/1/21

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The idea behind our special projects stems from the love of the staff from our parent company, Mustard Lane. The company was started on the premise of supplying side gigs to artists as they pursued their passions in the creative arts. Through OTL’s special projects, we will continue to give back by providing additional support to individuals, schools and other non-profit organizations to help fulfill their need of creative and artistic guidance. 

Continued Education

Continued Education goes back to the heart of why this organization began. Our President, originally a dancer turned entrepreneur, knows first hand how versatile training, education and networking can play directly into the success of one’s career. Our Speaker Series provides free monthly workshops from industry professionals across a variety of mediums to help educate and elevate their understanding. Our BOOST program was created to help young artists build their skill sets and knowledge to attain specific career goals. 

Speaker Series

Starting in February 2020, Off The Lane launched a monthly speaker series. We feel it’s important to set yourself up for success and through frequent workshops and classes, our aim is to educate our community and keep them one step ahead. The 2020 Speaker Series brought in an expert that focused on a various topic. In 2021, the Off The Lane team is looking forward to producing four themed Speaker Series events. Stay tuned for more details.

2020 Speaker Series Sizzle

BOOST (Building Occupational Objectives & Skills Together): Early Career Guidance

Off The Lane’s BOOST Program is designed for early career artists 18+ within their first three years in NYC, who are looking to advance their careers by developing concrete, attainable, and sustainable practices to reach their specific career objectives. Through individual or group sessions, BOOST provides resources with accompanying insight from experts to help provide the skills to meet their creative goals.

Our Applicants:

• An Early Career Artist 18+

• Have been living in NYC for 1-3 years

• Actively pursuing a creative arts career

• Looking to boost careers by developing concrete, attainable, and sustainable practices to reach creative goals

Interested in giving your career a BOOST?

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