Our Story

Off The Lane’s Goals: Outreach, Projects, and Continued Education.

Off The Lane’s Outreach programs are specifically geared towards giving back to the arts community. Our Mentorship Program pairs vetted professionals in the creative arts with motivated juniors and seniors at the university level as well as young professionals 18+ to help transition them from student to professional. Through the development of this program, colleges and universities across the country have utilized OTL as a strategic partner to acquire more connections and resources for their students and thus our School Partnership Program began!

Through our special projects, we provide additional support to individuals, schools and other non-profit organizations to fulfill their need of creative and artistic guidance, community and education. In the Summer of 2022, we launched ColLab: An Experimental Workshop, a new program providing networking opportunities that encourage artists to collaborate on innovative, interdisciplinary pieces. After developing their ideas as a team, OTL helps artists with the means to produce their original works.

Lastly, we here at OTL feel it’s important to set yourself up as a business. Our Speaker Series events cultivate experts from various fields to specifically educate artists on their professional journey. Our BOOST program implements tailored challenges for early career artists looking to progress towards their specific goals. Our aim is to guide the artistic community to keep them one step ahead looking towards the future instead of working paycheck to paycheck.