Noah VanderVeer-Harris Mentee Feature

You know what time it is — time to sit down with another graduate of the Mentorship Program! Noah VanderVeer-Harris was a Mentee in MP4. He’s originally from Oregon and has now been living in NYC for the past year. And boy, has he putting in the work!

Mentor: Vincenzo Hinckley
School: University of California Davis
Major/Minor: Theatre & Dance, minor in Professional Writing
Interests: acting, writing, sports, voice-over, dancing
Instagram: @No_Otherr
TikTok: @NoahHumanity
Twitter: @NoahHumanity

“It’s just so useful, my god. I can’t believe there’s a free program like this of any kind. It’s unbelievable. It’s a big reason I came to New York instead of going to LA.” — Noah on the Mentorship Program

Booked and Busy!

Noah has been extremely fortunate to have booked so many projects since his move to NYC. When we sat down to chat with him, he had three callbacks lined up for that week alone — talk about the actor grind!

Below are some of the projects he has recently worked on:

Anna Banana: A comedy about mental health and a social media guru’s fall from grace, where Noah plays a dinosaur. The show is currently under production.

Noah in his dinosaur costume for Anna Banana

Deterministic Chaos: This one is available to watch now! A surreal story about Urania, the muse of astronomy, with a Love, Actually multi-plot direction. He says this one was so much fun to film in the snowy New York winter.

His Mentee / Mentor Relationship

Noah said his mentor Vincenzo “opened all of the doors” for how to get started as an actor in NYC. They discussed free work, demo reels, and Vincenzo even helped Noah secure an agent.

They still have a fantastic relationship! Listen to Noah discuss it below:

Living & Dating a Fellow Actor

Photo from Noah’s Instagram

Noah lives in the Bronx with his partner Amanda, who is also a performer. The two of them have been self-taping in their apartment constantly and have been able to help each other out along the way.

“It’s so phenomenal to not be asking like some finance kids to read lines with me,” he says. “I have a really solid scene partner at all times that I can rely on, and who is always willing to help and I’m always willing to help her.”

Advice to Peers and Younger Artists

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Always be willing to talk to someone new,” says Noah. In just one year, he has learned first-hand just how small the industry is and the importance of staying connected with others. He has also learned that the best way to stay on track in your career is to just try and do what you love, and for him, that’s entertaining. Even if it’s not the grandest scale, you can still find joy if you’re doing what you love. Listen below to hear more of Noah’s inspirational areer advice:

Thank you, THANK YOU Noah for chatting with us! We are so proud of all you have accomplished since you graduated from the Mentorship Program, and we know it’s only going to go up from here!